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Even on the coldest days the air still contains some heat, and with Mitsubishi's cold climate mini split heat pump techology, the heat in the frigid air can be captured by circulating refrigerant. To ensure this process works in cold climates Mitsubishi has developed an advancement called the Flash Injection Circuit.

This is a major techonological advancement for heating solutions in New England as our harsh winters demand reliable heating systems. The Flash Injection Circuit allows for cold climate regions like ours to take full advantage of heating with a mini split heat pump utilizing outdoor air all year long.

Unique technology for highly energy-efficient heating, even in very cold regions.

Even the Coldest Air Contains Heat

Cold Climate Comfort

Heat moves from warmer objects to cooler ones, so if an object outdoors is colder then the air, even below zero, that object will absorb heat from the outdoor air. Mitsubishi mini split heat pumps designed for cold climates take advantage of this basic principle.

Bringing the Heat

The refrigerent inside of mini split heat pumps allows for the systems to extract heat from the outdoor air. By compressing or expanding the refrigerant the heat pump can substanially cool and heat the air respectiviely.

When the refrigerant is expanded, making it colder then the outside air, the heat in the air is transferred to the refrigerant. The refrigerant is then compressed and becomes warmer then your interior air. Through an interior cassette or mini split ducting the heated air is distributed into the room. By repeating this cycle the mini split heat pump will efficiently heat the building.

Check out the video below to see how it works!

Heating Performance in Cold Climates

In the Champlain Valley, our harsh winters demand reliable & efficient heating. A standard heat pump's heating perfromance decreases as the tempertaure lowers because the amount refrigerant flow drops.

Mitsubishi has solved that issue by developing the Flash Injection circuit. This mini split heat pump advancement increases the volume of refrigerant flowing by using two circulation systems.

Conserve Whats Left

Heat Pumps are gaining popularity in our region very quickly! This isn't just due to their incredible efficiency but also the way they produce heat. By capturing and amplifying the heat from the outside air to heat spaces in colder climates the need for burning fuel oil is eliminated, reducing your home's envrionmental impact.